Reiki Energy Healing

sleep-835468_1280Shamballa MDH Reiki energy healing sessions can be done in your home, in my home studio and/or remotely. For remote sessions, we schedule a time in advance, you in your location and me in mine. While the session is taking place, it is recommended that you spend the time in a relaxed and meditative state, but this is not required; the energy will still be available for you to receive.

You will remain fully clothed for this session, so be sure to wear something comfortable and loose-fitting.

60 Minute Energy Healing (in your home) – $70*
60 Minute Energy Healing (in my home studio or remotely) – $50

Please provide a safe and comfortable environment for your in-home healing session. For the purpose of personal safety, I reserve the right to refuse in-home appointments.

*Listed price includes travel fee within 20 miles of Portland, OR (97222). Longer trips are at my discretion and may be charged an additional fee. For multiple clients at the same location, the travel fee is only charged once, so the cost of additional healing sessions is $50 per hour. Additional discounts are available if you already have a massage table at your location. Please let me know this when you make your appointment.

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