How much “hands-on” time is included in an hour appointment? You will receive a FULL HOUR of hands-on time. I book my appointments with plenty of time in between each client to allow for travel/setup and a brief intake/exit process.

Will I be required to undress completely? No, you can undress to your personal comfort level. I can adjust the massage to accommodate any clothing you choose to leave on. It is recommended, however, that women remove their bras, as leaving them on limits access to the back muscles and may hinder the effectiveness of the work in that area. However, this is optional. Compression strokes can still be quite effective through clothing. Hips and glutes can easily be worked on through underwear or a sheet.You will be covered by a sheet throughout the massage. I will only uncover the area of your body I am working on and drape the sheet to protect your privacy.

What should I expect from a “full body massage”? Typically, during a full body massage your arms, legs, back, neck, shoulders, feet, and hands will receive massage. Please tell me if you would like more attention paid to any particular area. This is generally done during the intake process, but feel free to let me know at any time. You are always welcome (and encouraged!) to speak up if you are in any way uncomfortable with the amount of pressure, temperature of the room, or anything else. I can make adjustments to ensure you are comfortable. A full body massage does NOT include breasts or genitals. These areas will be covered at all times in accordance with Oregon law. Sexual or inappropriate language and/or behavior may result in the session ending early. You will still be responsible for full payment of the scheduled session.

What should I expect from a Hot Stone Massage?

A full body Hot Stone massage is similar to a Swedish massage, except that oil is used instead of lotion, and warm, smooth stones are held in my hands. Although the main focus of a Hot Stone massage is relaxation, deeper pressure can be achieved in focus areas as needed. Contrary to pictures you may have seen online and in magazines, stones are never placed directly on your skin for extended periods of time. If a stone needs to be held in place to warm an area, towels are used to create a safe barrier between the stone and your skin. Hot Stone massages are offered as 90 minute sessions only.

What should I expect from a Prenatal Massage?

Massage is beneficial in all stages of pregnancy to provide deep relaxation and decrease tight muscles due to changes in the body. Pressure will be light to medium only, as deeper pressure may further stress the body at a time when it is already working hard. You will be positioned to maximize the effectiveness of the massage while minimizing discomfort. If you are 13 weeks pregnant or more, the massage will be done side-lying with pillows and bolsters to support your head, shoulders and hips. Prenatal massages are only offered as 60 or 90 minute sessions.

Is it better to schedule a 60 minute, 90 minute or 120 minute session? That depends on what your intention is. Generally, a 60 minute session is enough time to┬áprovide a full body relaxation massage with one area of special focus OR limit focus to two specific areas. If you have multiple areas needing focused attention and you also want general relaxation, I recommend booking a 90 minute session. 120 minute sessions are recommended for clients with several areas needing intensive focus work. Reiki healing sessions are only offered in 60 minute increments. This is usually more than enough time to receive Reiki’s full benefits.

Is it okay to talk during my massage? The first few sessions, I will check in with you more often, to make sure the pressure is comfortable and that I am addressing all of your tension areas. Otherwise, I leave the decision about whether or not to talk completely up to you. I generally will not initiate conversation that is unrelated to the massage, but you are welcome to if you wish. Some clients find it relaxing and some just want to be quiet and tune out. I can accommodate whichever you find most comfortable.

Under what conditions could massage be unsafe? Some contraindications to massage are general, meaning massage should be avoided completely, and some are localized, meaning just the affected area should be avoided. Massage increases circulation, which has the potential to make an underlying medical condition worse. If you have any of the following conditions, you should not receive massage:

  • Fever
  • Any type of infectious disease
  • Immediately following chemotherapy or radiation (massage before treatment is ok with doctor’s approval)
  • Severe cold or flu
  • Blood clots
  • Pregnancy induced diabetes, toxemia, preeclampsia/eclampsia
  • Burns, fractures, and other acute injury. Massage may be helpful later to reduce scar tissue.

If you are unsure about whether a minor condition should prohibit you from getting a massage, contact me before booking your appointment.

You will fill out a complete medical intake form during your first visit. If there are any changes to your medical or physical condition at subsequent visits, please let me know so I can update your file.

Will the massage hurt? No. Massage should never be more painful than you can comfortably handle. It may at times “hurt so good” but there is a difference between that and painful. If the pressure is enough to make you want to hold your breath, cringe or feel like pulling away, it is counter productive and should be adjusted. I’m usually very aware of silent cues from my clients, but if I miss anything, please speak up so I can adjust to your level of comfort. Massage is most effective when we find just the right depth of pressure for your body, where you are able to relax and breathe while the muscles get worked.

Am I expected to tip? Although I appreciate the gesture and I will gratefully accept gifts that are given freely, tips are never expected. It is customary to tip therapists who work in spa settings because they are only earning a small percentage of the price you are paying for the massage. It is not necessary to tip a sole proprietor in addition to the fee set for services. The best way for you to show appreciation for my work is to tell your friends!

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